Month: January 2017

So It’s The Hyundai Accent, is the newest little car on the block but it shows that you can stay competitive with consistent updates. Here are 5 reasons to go see what Hyundai’s cooking these days. Great fuel economy. The accident keeps it simple under the hood with the 4 cylinder engine and either a 6 speed manual transmission or a 6 speed automatic. Fuel economy is simply excellent. 38 miles per gallon highway with the manual and 37 miles per gallon with the automatic. Grown up styling. Both the sedan and hatchback versions of the accent or more stylish than you’d expect at this price.

2016 Hyundai Accent Grilled headlights and taillights, have all been recently redesigned and the result is a surprisingly premium 5. order new headlights here Some economy car screen cheap when you see them on the street. But the accents classy ride. Adult size space. The absence front seats are impressively room with apple had room for 6 footers while the rear seats are also 6 foot differently in the outboard positions. As for cargo the accent sedan provides an above average 13.7 cubic foot truck. While the hatchbacks rear seatbacks fold down to open up a cross over like 47.5 cubic feet. Compliant ride. Typically subcompact cars are known for their pillow soft rise. But the accident Bucks the trend.

Thanks to supple dampers and generous suspension travel the accent takes rough pavement in stride. Your commute involve some nasty roads the accents as absorbing as little cars get. Plentiful standard features. Even the base accent comes with power everything. A USB port and a 6 speaker audio system. That sounds pretty solid. If you want more available features include Bluetooth streaming audio rear disc brakes and a sunroof. The Hyundai accent continues to be a top pick among fellow subcompact competitors. We wouldn’t buy a car in this class without sampling the Hyundai first.

2012 HONDA ACCORDHello my friends and this time we’ll take a look at this 2012 Honda accord. Callaspo locks glowing windows and power mirrors. Driver side overseas. It has a wide leather interior. Talk to my Dick driver side window. It has a radio and 60 CD changer. Deals on the air conditioning. Well the Rev steering wheel was radio and cruise control. From. Front panel made of dark brown. Soft plastic. This miracle is also equipped with them skylight. Totalstorage for losses, It What bugs, But Power outlet. Padded storage in the middle.

Also some little story short here which is not an expert. It also quickly aside driver and passenger heated seats. Middle console. LED 2012 Honda Accord headlights. Was cardholders. And power outlet and so it. Push and pull for gas on that. To open the trunk. And now lets you go the engine. I have found the 2.4 double overhead cam. I have 6 The names Honda aware rams. Collapsible backseat. Enough room for my legs. There And I’m sitting right behind myself. Who dream on the rear door handles. Side airbags. Curtain airbags. Sorry guys send this was a short tour of 2012 Honda accord.