Dodge Dakota headlight bulb replacement

Good afternoon. It seems to me a whole bunch of voodoo mystery about town replacing the headline lamps. In the I wait to coda. I guess that’s version 3 of the 2001 dodge dakota headlights. And before I tackle the thought to go online and look at some of the forums and look at some of the videos. It was all a whole bunch a convoluted crap. Really the manual does spell it out pretty easily as far as how to replace it. And it’s really not difficult if you’re small enough that you can reach your hand up from underneath. And did it in there between the battery box and. I’m band that bad lamp holder down in there more power to you.

dodge dakota headlightsI have pretty small arms I can’t do it So All this entails. Is. Underneath here. There’s a bolt. Straight under here there’s a ball accessed from the front on the exterior. Yes they do have star heads or twerks hands as are actually supposed to be called. They also happen to be 10 millimeter hacks. I used to date 10 millimeter hacks on a 6 inch extension quarter inch drive. 6 inch extension just allowed me to spin that quarter inch drive ratchet once it got loose. Made life really easy so there’s those 2. And then the mystery one. Definitely not up here this is your business for aiming your 2001 dodge dakota headlights up here. But right behind this little plastic. The only barrier here. What is your third bolt. And just pull that back get your 10 millimeters socket on their.

Pull that out remove all 3. Get a good grip poet straightforward because there’s too. Positioning plugs right back here going straight back towards the back of a truck. Pull that out pops loose then you have full access to on bayonet your headlamp. Place it you look like this he can go with the. So over star you know that the real¬†high¬†power once they got now for like 50 Bucks a pair. I got a Sylvania places for about 15 Bucks. The auto parts store.

Often there’s a few they come with the red who soft rubbery. Gasket around here. Make sure you. You might have to take the old one off it should come on the lamp the new just make sure you take the old one off. Bayonet that Ian snap your plug back in your good to go the snap removal is easy there’s a red tab. On the otherwise green socket cold at back with your thumb and that releases it so you can pull it off the lamp. Reinstall it just reverse the procedure just popped back in put your bolts and tighten up. Shut the wood you’re good to go.

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