Traction Control.

Traction ControlIf the angular sensors of wheel speed are recorded slipping, the system depending on the settings can reduce the supply of fuel and reduce the engine torque, or brake the slip wheel, or do everything simultaneously. A system is particularly useful on slippery surfaces. It also can prevent wheel spin during the throttle in the corners, thus not allowing develop a skid of the rear axle on the rear wheel drive cars and demolished of the front one on the front wheel.

The system has a positive effect on the stability and safety of the vehicle, especially on slippery surfaces, preventing driver excessive pressing the gas to cause a critical situation. But it can do a disservice traveling through deep snow, sand or mud, “choking” the engine just at the moment when the car needs the maximum gas to a slipping out of the unstable surface. Therefore, to drive on the sand or snow (at low speeds) Traction Control is disabled as needed in advance.

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