Robotic gearbox.

Robotic gearboxTo understand how the robotized gearbox works, it is necessary to imagine the usual “mechanics”. The only difference between them lies in the fact that by closing / opening the clutch and gear selection in a “robot” are made by servo – actuators. Most often it is a stepping motor with gear and actuator, but there are also hydraulic actuators. They are managed by the electronic unit. By command of electronics for switching the first servo clutch, the second one moves the synchronizers, including the right gear. Then first one slowly releases the clutch. That’s all.

It would seem ideally, circuit is simple, highly efficient, and less than a torque converter, fuel consumption. But there is a catch: in order to avoid jerks and not mock-clutch during switching transmission, “robot” permanently severs the connection between the engine and the wheels, which is why during the dispersal there are unpleasant failures, get rid of that is only one way – to reduce the time of switching.

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